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RISK ASSESSMENT: Our board certified podiatric physicians will do a thorough physical evaluation on your legs and feet evaluating for peripheral neuropathy, vascular disease, foot deformities that predispose you to ulceration and amputation. The podiatric physician may recommend further studies including noninvasive vascular studies or nerve conduction studies.

NONINVASIVE VASCULAR STUDIES: Early detection and prompt treatment of vascular disease can greatly reduce amputation and allow wound healing. This study evaluates the pressure and flow of your arterial circulation. It is used to identify arterial disease and blockage in the legs and feet. If blockage or vascular disease is identified your physician may refer you to a vascular surgeon for further evaluation and treatment.

PREVENTATIVE DIABETIC FOOT CARE: Performed by a Board Certified podiatrist includes the debridement of toe nails and calluses. Regular diabetic foot care can prevent infections and ulcerations that lead to amputations.

TREATMENT OF DIABETIC FOOT INFECTIONS: Early detection and prompt treatment of infections decreases the risk for amputation. We provide treatment for diabetic foot infections for both out patient settings and those requiring hospitalization and surgical intervention. Hospital affiliations; Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

LIMB SALVAGE SURGICAL SERVICES: Our podiatric surgeons employ surgical techniques that attempt to preserve function and form of the infected limb. If amputation is required we attempt to amputate at the most distal aspect to prevent leg amputation.

We also employ advanced wound care modalities to aid in healing.

WOUND CARE: Our physicians are board certified in wound care. We employ advanced wound care modalities to aid in healing, including dermal skin substitutes, and growth factors. Many of these can be applied in the office; some require application in the operating room. Our podiatric physicians are affiliated with several hospital wound clinics in Northeast Georgia and the Atlanta area.

RECONSTRUCTIVE FOOT SURGERY: Our podiatric surgeons perform many types of reconstructive surgery elective and non elective. Repairing deformities such as hammertoes and bunions, or non elective as in post infection reconstruction.

TREATMENT OF NEUROPATHY: We employ medical treatments that decrease pain and increase sensation. We also employ the use of Microvas, a form of electrical stimulation that decreases pain and restores sensation.

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